Women, Sexuality And Lingerie

The definition of sexy is not limited to being sexually attractive as far as women are concerned. The sexuality of a woman in totality is defined by a multitude of factors. One such factor is how a woman is dressed. The intimate clothing perhaps makes a woman feel the sexiest.

Lingerie holds a special place in a woman’s life. It defines a woman’s appeal both in public and private. It is also a fact that a lingerie clad woman never fails to turn a few heads in her direction. The silky, smooth, lacy and revealing feel of lingerie is a pleasure to the eye and skin.

However, it is noteworthy that lingerie should not just be seen as a bedroom wear to seduce a partner. In fact, it should be considered as a fashion icon which can be shown off in public or to an appropriate crowd. The recent trends of outfits that are basically derived from the lingerie are becoming widely popular as a daily wear. This may include an office wear, party wear or just a casual wear.

One secret that women employ when having a bad day is to camouflage it with a great makeover. Lingerie symbolises the freedom of a woman to express her emotions and mood. When one is feeling particularly flirty and sensual then one may wear flimsy babydoll or a pasties set. Boyshorts when paired with a camisole can reflect an upset or defiant mood. When a woman is in a happy mood she may express it by adorning a pantyhose and a push up bra to boost up her self confidence. Hence, underwear not only makes a woman feel beautiful and in control but also helps in expressing her moods and emotions.

It is time that women came together and discussed lingerie like they would discuss recipes or evening wears. There is no reason to feel embarrassed when talking about undergarments as they are no more limited to private use but an element that is given a frontline in the fashion world.

The international fashion shows are encouraging lingerie to be a daily wear to empower women with more comfort, confidence and a greater appeal. In fact, research has shown that if the comfort and self confidence level of an individual is boosted up, the overall performance at work is increased many folds.

Hence, lingerie has the power to define not only the sexuality of a woman but also reflect her personality and strength in a society.

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  1. Fashion has played a important role in it and glad to know there are so many choices for ladies and that will surely help them to feel good and may help in lifting there mood a bit.

  2. Selection of Lingerie is most important for Ladies and its color makes sense as well and affects the opposite sex a lot.

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