The Lingerie Industry: How Underwear Became Hot In The Fashion Industry

The pace at which underwear is dominating the fashion industry has made quite an uproar. With female underwear holding its biggest share, it’s no surprise that lingerie has redefined the fashion world.

The trend of being dependent on big fishes for the manufacture and sale of underwear is fading gradually. Small independent retailer have noticed the gap and are quickly filling it by directly addressing those target group that have not been addressed optimally in the past.

Internet has played a big role in voicing the need of such groups and retailers are now taking advantage of the same platform to create lingerie that suits individual’s need. This more personal approach has in turn brought about a positive feedback and groups like LGBT has been now included in the lingerie world.

The availability of the gender fluid lingerie has made shopping of lingerie very convenient and less stigmatising for people who identify across genders and the transgender population. The fact that the fashion industry and the lingerie world has come up with inclusivity as the new theme, has opened up opportunities for lingerie manufacturers and retailers.

Lingerie shopping has always been a private issue and retailers who have been successful in providing such personal space of choice has now become subtle threats to the previous trendsetters. The break in the monotony has revolutionized the definition of lingerie.

The small but significant players are now getting more recognition in the lingerie world. The fashion industry has accepted the recent change in the definition of the nude lingerie. Now, the new nude has involved those women who did not necessarily fall into pale skin category but rather there is a matching shade of nude for every skin colour.

The fact that the upcoming lingerie can simply be worn under a jacket without worrying about adding layers to hide the underwear, has not only made underwear more popularly bought garment but also has greatly enabled people to cut down cost of purchasing multiple wear. The fashion stores are now packed with sections for such lingerie as they have become part of the modern day-wear shopping.

It won’t be surprising to see lingerie being shopped more than the daily wear in future. The fashion world has now welcomed with open arms the fast developing lingerie segment such that in the coming days, there won’t be a raised eyebrow to see a piece of transgender lingerie being displayed next to a typical evening wear.

4 thoughts on “The Lingerie Industry: How Underwear Became Hot In The Fashion Industry

  1. Yeah currently there are wide choices available for women underwear’s and manufacturers like to experiment a bit as per the customer requirements.

  2. Challenges surely brings improvement, lingerie has push the old fashionist to think outside the box in other to compete effectively.

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