Underwear As a Sportswear: How Women Started Wearing Lingerie For Sports

The relationship between lingerie and sports dates back to the Roman times when swimming was first taken as a sport and costumes were designed separately and called swimwear. Around the same time women cycling was also taken as an area that needed special wear and hence specially tailored outfit were the precursor of what now we term sportswear.

There have been plenty of experiments with various styles, designs and materials for sportswear in order to offer utmost comfort while giving equal importance to style as well. With sports being taken to a higher level each day, the underwear too needed to evolve to match the pace.

There is special gel padded underwear especially made for the cyclists as this group of people face a lot of friction, heat generation and moisture while riding vigorously. The specially designed underwear offers cushion against the seat and prevents friction between thighs, helps wick the sweat and keeps the skin dry and irritation free. The gel also acts as a shock absorber while riding on a bumpy terrain.

The swimwear has seen a great revolution, from bulkier, longer and heavier garments to skimpier and snug swimwear. The recent trend has focused more on streamlining underwear that aids greatly in swimming and keeping the skin waterproof. The wide varieties of today’s swimsuits are more comfortable, hassle free and skin friendly. They are designed to offer appropriate stretch, be light enough for easy swimming but not for a wave to drag it down. The top wear offers enough support and grip so that there is no slippage.

The material commonly used in sportswear has been cotton for its absorbent property. However, cotton gets soggy and cannot keep a lot of sweat away from the skin. Hence, this has been largely replaced by air wicking material that works better in outdoor sports which causes more sweating. What more, the big names in underwear manufacturing like Calvin Klein have allotted special sportswear with quick dry technology?

The shape of the underwear is equally important and taken into consideration when thinking of the sports attire. For those into gym may find it better to wear sports bra for more support and a breathable boy leg panties rather than thongs for instance, while those on tracks may prefer cut underwear to prevent bunching up.

Almost all of the current active underwear have been tailored to offer highest amount of comfort, support and has focused on being skin friendly with seamless being the main emphasis.

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  1. Nice to know about that. Yeah things have changed for betterment and they make the wearer more comfortable and there is no match to one’s comfort.

  2. This is great, it is good to always make improvements on sport wears in order to attain comfort. With your write I have learnt a lot about designing and the nature of cotton to be used for sport wears

  3. I have seen women wearing sports bras so many times yet, I did not know lingerie as sports wear dates back to the Greek civilization.

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