Underwear And Feminism

The nineteenth century first saw the concept of feminism with its emphasis on gender equality and women rights in different walks of life. It then resurfaced lengthily in 60’s all the way to 80’s. The most recent uproar was in 90’s to 2000 when more advanced methods were used to campaign for the same notion.

From health, education, work to political stand, a lot of things encompass the word feminism. Banners, television adverts, magazines, reality shows, news and internet are some of the medium that has been used to voice this strong move.

The lingerie sector also has and still continues to significantly contribute towards this campaign. It sends out different messages like preventing rape, taking women as an individual rather than an object and respecting women in general.

Various slogans and logos have been designed and printed on lingerie like panties and camisoles that scream out messages against sexual abuse and harassment. This has, to some extend made men realise the seriousness of this move.

Not only that, lingerie defines a woman in totality: The woman’s body and her attitude. It reflects the fragility yet strength of a woman, her grace as well her fierceness, her beauty, boldness and her versatility.

Lingerie goes on to express a woman’s mood, comfort levels, her role in the society and her stand. Just like any other attire, appropriate lingerie also has found a place as a daily wear. There is lingerie for gym goers, sportsperson, office workers and for the romantic moments within the privacy of the bedroom.

Just like skirts or gowns were meant primarily for women, so is lingerie a universal symbol of feminism. Of course, it is another matter altogether that lingerie is also available for men these days but then kilts have been there too.

Now that lingerie has taken an entirely new meaning; that it is no longer limited as an inner-wear but can actually be worn as an outer-wear, this has further reflected and supported the liberal move and hence added an inch more towards the concept of feminism.

Getting accepted across the globe for the ramp walk publicity was perhaps, the very initial extrovert contribution of lingerie towards the concept of feminism. It took a long time for the world to accept inner-wears being publicly displayed, however, in today’s stance, lingerie is no longer a close-lid issue. That, in itself is a tremendous achievement in sending out the message of feminism from at least one angle.

10 thoughts on “Underwear And Feminism

  1. I agree, the underwear make women look different. For instance a woman in an ordinary shorts would not be as attractive as in sexy ones.

  2. You are right with time it has taken the shape of bikini and is worn openly as well. Thanks for such explanatory information.

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