The Modern Lingerie Industry

The lingerie industry has seen a revolution in the past few decades. The demand for modern lingerie has escalated as women all over the world are realising the importance of comfort, style and self confidence.

Unlike the days of yore, women are no longer suppressed or oppressed when it comes to self expression and adornment. The stigma of either being looked down upon or being called names are a thing of past. Every woman wants to be comfortable and look her best whether in private or public. Lingerie has thus been given a remarkable welcome in the most conservative of areas around the world.

The initial trend had been that of going from fully covering lingerie to shorter and scantier ones. However, of recent, the trend has been notable reversed in that women are looking for comfort more than fashion or style.   Thongs, for instance, were very popular after their introduction till the recent past but now women are opting back for sweatpants and full knickers, the reason being that they are more comfortable for daily wear.

Initially any kind of latest fashion was accepted without much fuss. Not anymore, ladies now want as detailed as seamless lingerie to look smooth and perfect under clingy clothing. From colour, material, style, cuts to size and finishing, everything matters in the modern lingerie industry and is given equal importance.

Although wired bras, thongs and G-string did enjoy their own popularity, the modern lingerie industry has realised the recent trend being fuller bottom wear, un-wired top wear and comfort versus style to be the norm of the day. This may be because many women find swaying derriere and butt cleavage not very decent around the office environment.

History has brought into light how leather, wool and linen were among the first materials to be used in making of all lingerie. Later on, other materials like cotton, mixed cotton and Lycra were used. However, in terms of fabricthe popular choices among the modern lingerie include chiffon, satin, Italian and French laces and Italian silk.

Not only the fabric, but also the colour choices have greatly changed. From the most popular black and white shades, the trend changed towards bolder colours like red, hot pink and of late the craze is for the nude colours. These suits better especially the seamless variety for daily wear.

The modern lingerie industry has finally revolutionized lingerie to such an extent that the modern bras, bodies and corselets can directly be worn under a jacket!

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  1. Modern lingerie industry is helping ladies to feel more confident as they are making the products as per there choice and requirements.

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