The Lingerie Trends: Going Trendy with Lingerie

The Intimate apparel is one of the most versatile areas in textile industry. The experiments in search for better and more comfortable choices have been on since the human beings learned the need to cover their essentials. Since then innumerable styles, fabrics, designs and amount of coverage has been tried and tested.

The lingerie has penetrated many avenues of daily life like sports, work, home and travel. Every single occasion calls for a different kind of a lingerie and hence every kind of lingerie has been evolving. From loincloth to cut underwear, granny pants to G-string, the change is unstoppable. In between the evolving designs and styles sometimes a vintage look creates uproar with corsets and bralettes.

The sports section has long since used comfortable cotton materials to keep sweaty athletes dry during their activities. However, recently trendy but more acceptable French terry, rugby stripes, Spandex and fishnet like materials have been added to their collections. The cycling sport has been redefined by the special gel padded underwear that is healthy, supportive, sweat absorbent and shock absorbent.

The regular gym wear had a trend of cotton and elastic to allow sweat absorption and stretching. Of recent, the gym wear is trending more sweat wicking materials. Likewise, the previous sports bra had no closure however the current ones are offering hook and eye closure for better support.

The wired and non-wired bra are no longer the only ones to get attention, they have additional varieties to compete with like mesh spacer cups and detachable straps for a wrap around finish. Not only the designs have evolved, even the fabric which had reigned for years have now welcomed a new addition; silk blended velvet. This material is very useful while making innerwear as outerwear. The bra tops made from this material can be worn as an outerwear with a matching pant or skirt and a jacket without worrying about an additional bra. The thicker material offers opacity and right support.

Perhaps, the biggest challenge when choosing the correct innerwear is when one has to consider an off-shoulder outfit. Most innerwear would peek out or offer little support. Although latest lingerie does offer bras that are actually meant to show through such outfits and are of contrasting colours, there is still the choice of a bandeau-style bra. This has detachable and transparent straps. Hence, it is very convenient for those evening wears that are of open shoulders and need a bust support.

The trends in the lingerie industry are dynamic and will continue to offer better choices.


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  1. This is great and it shows the more we live the more new things comes up cos the essence of hustles is to be comfortable

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