Popular Lingerie Designers: the Trendsetters in the Lingerie Industry

Ever wondered why lingerie existed? To make a woman look drop dead gorgeous is one right answer but there are other reasons as well. For instance, a woman in bikini is more acceptable and appealing than being nude. Lingerie is comfortable, luring and the ultimate intimate apparel to be in. A lot of well known lingerie designers exist out there, however, every designer has something unique to offer to their customers. This uniqueness is what makes lingerie designers so special.

Amanda Lorenzane and Alexandra Miro merged to offer one of the most provocative and intricate collections: Fox and Rose. Of recent, they merged with three other designers to promote and develop further. This very fast growing name has variety of lingerie to offer like knickers, chemise, nightwear, bra and panties.

When the word lingerie is mentioned, images of lace, net, silk and satin looms up in the mind. Living up to expectations of the majority, Shell Belle Couture has to offer vintage themed collections. The lacy designs and flowing sheer robes never fail to captivate one’s imagination. This designer has set herself apart by balancing a retro and the modern theme that suits the needs of her vast clients.

Material that falls naturally along the curves of the body makes for great lingerie. The Italian based Guia La Bruna has focused on this point and designed variety of her work with silk muslin. Her vintage style collection is a must check out.

The French lingerie gained popularity for its seductive designs and Faire Frou Frou is one such well known brand with exclusive designs. It has stunning creativity and a great finish that stands out from the crowd.

The very popular designer Agent Provocateur has reigned the market ever since its establishment and later after collaborating with two more highly recommendable names in lingerie designs. Together they have produced innumerable collections that are impressive and for all occasions. From bridal wear to casual wear, they cater for all types of lingerie.

The veteran Victoria Secrets has it all covered. They hardly miss out on any avenue with their ever evolving designs. The sensational fantasy bra released in 2014 had the world awestricken. The collection was so desirable and unique that it not only rightly lived up to its name but also rocked the lingerie world. Those who could afford left no stone unturned to get their hands on this gorgeous designer collection. It has now been an annual trend to have a fantasy bra collection released after it gained so much popularity.

5 thoughts on “Popular Lingerie Designers: the Trendsetters in the Lingerie Industry

  1. Great post. Slightly offtopic, I am in the midst of getting my girlfriend a steamy present and I am thinking along the lines of lingerie. I am currently looking at Peaches and Screams (peachesandscreams.co.uk) and was wondering whether anyone has any experience with this online lingerie shop? What would you guys recommend I get my girlfriend? The last thing I want to do is offend her so I am looking for sensible lingerie suggestions – nothing too extreme. Thank you in advance!

  2. Victoria Secrets, I just love it. I found not all bras are comfortable, thus I hate those lousy disigner come up with only design but not catering the body need.

  3. I never took interest in lingerie industry, yet lingerie designs always fascinated me. I did not know anything about these designers. Thanks for the information.

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