Popular Lingerie Brands That You Can Buy For Yourself

The world is full of all kinds of lingerie makers but few names are popular. Fewer yet are those who have made it to historical pages and have been engraved in the minds of people. An article is not enough to justify or name them all, however, few diverse and popular ones have been mentioned here.

The King of lingerie has always been the Victoria Secrets. This American trendsetter made the world realise the meaning and importance of lingerie. Amazing is the fact that, their products are quite affordable despite their excellent quality, comfort and variety of designs.

Established in 1968 in New York, Calvin Klein quickly gained popularity across the globe. It started out as a coat and dress seller and now it is known for its comfort and personal styles in lingerie realm.

French lingerie is quite popular for their seductive ranges. However, Chantelle, a very famous French brand belonging to the GroupeChantelle, has specialised in lingerie for all body types. They offer sleek designs and decent lingerie. Although, they established themselves in 1876 they have nonetheless, progressed tremendously and now has online stores through which their products can easily be accessible.

DKNY was founded way back in 1984 by Donna Karan. It is based in New York and specialises in fashion goods for both sexes. DKNY offers a variety of lingerie designs and are available through online stores as well.

Another popular brand is Agent Provocateur (1994) from the United Kingdom. They are the proud owner of over 100 stores in 13 countries and have recently launched L’Agent, a luxury brand, in collaboration with Penelope and Monica Cruz.

Among the costliest brands in the lingerie arena is La Perla (1954) by Ada Masotti who considered her collection as valuable as jewels. This Italian brand sells luxurious and expensive items that include intimate apparel, sleepwear, beachwear, bags and shoes.

Jockey is another popular brand which offers skin friendly and appealing designs. In 1876, Samuel T. Cooper & Sons originally named it Coopers Inc. Their trademark is recognised in 120 countries and they priority is comfort.

A Japan based brand, Wacoal was founded in 1946 and has lingerie for all occasions. This brand is prevalent among Asian population and has made a name for itself in international market as well.

Prima Donna (1865) and Triumph International (1886) are few other names in the lingerie milieu which offer shapewears, intimate apparels and are popular for snug fitting, quality and affordable lingerie.

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  1. Thanks for enhancing my knowledge on the brands, I love Triumph before and it’s famous brand here, but we have more choices now like Xixili.

  2. I had heard about some of these lingerie brands and even bought these brands of lingerie, however, I admit most of the information presented here is entirely new for me.

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