Modern History Of Women’s Underwear

The mention of the word lingerie brings to mind a variety of sexy and frilly images. All kinds of transparent, lacy and skimpiest styles of imaginable lingerie are available for today’s women.

The French Revolution (1789) is considered as the hallmark for the modern day lingerie. This Industrial Age led to more cotton producing factories hence underwear were now widely available in stores. During the 1800’s, modifications of the olden lingerie lead to more trendy bloomers. These were mainly invented for women who were cyclists. Bloomers are essentially loose pants with a gathered narrow end and came in different lengths. Initially they were ankle length but slowly were shortened reaching up to the thighs. The corsets were also remodelled to be more comfortable and became a common wear.

lingerieCame the 1900’s and with it, the fashion of garters and stockings. Garters helped to hold the corset to the high thigh stockings which were used to cover the bare legs since the underwear had become quite short in length.

As ladies became more involved in outdoor activities, the 20th century brought many changes within a short period of time. The invention of first handmade bra by Mary Phelps Jacob in 1913 rocked the lingerie world allowing more freedom from the uncomfortable corsets. The Cami-knickers (camisole with short pants as a single piece) made a brief uproar as it was easier to wear it under figure hugging clothes.

Not too far down the line, Liberty bodice gained the market rampantly in the UK and Australia. This torso covering lingerie did what a corset did but more safely.

The 50’s focused on enhancing women’s breasts and so the pointed conical (bullet) bra, narrow waist and thigh high stockings were the trend of the day. For those women who had naturally flat bosoms discovered the use of the padded and under wired bras, miraculous. As 80’s and 90’s emphasized on women’s cleavage as an element of beauty, Wonder-bra and push-up bras made total sense while wearing plunging necklines.

Thus, the modern woman now has every type of lingerie under the Sun. From bras like gel-filled, air-filled and pasties, teddies, bustiers to babydolls, you name it and you have it. The fast growing need to go sexier and skimpier led to G- and V- strings, thongs and whatnots. The crotch-less panties and pantyhose are back in fashion.

Not to discriminate, the underwear world has something for everyone. Bigger women can also try out the Plus size and feel equally hot and sexy. What’s your signature lingerie?

5 thoughts on “Modern History Of Women’s Underwear

  1. Interesting to know how things have developed on this field.It took a long long time,to get to this point,how woman’s underwear look nowadays.Thanks for the detailed information about it.

  2. yeah lingerie adds a attractiveness to the women’s body and with that she feels more comfortable and confident

  3. yeah there are wide varieties and truly women are special in every way and they deserve this attention and choice of things and even of Underwear

  4. Another great article. Those bullet bra’s were an absolutely horrible idea and left the ladies with an unflattering figure. Thankfully the designers changed their designs when it came to the bra’s.

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