Men’s Guide to Lingerie: How to Buy Lingerie for Your Girl

It’s the day before Valentine’s or her birthday and you decide to make it special. You plan to buy her some lingerie and in your struggle to buy something unique you stumble upon the new Victoria’s secret outlet. As you navigate through the maze of seemingly unfamiliar territory you are left dumbfounded. Worry not; you have landed on the right page that gives you an easy guide to buy women’s lingerie.

It may be a little awkward at first as you’re entering a woman’s domain but don’t get overwhelmed by wisps of lace and straps with tags that bear unfamiliar names. The golden rule is when baffled, go French. These are probably the finest and best fit lingerie. When brand names are confusing it is best to look for what appeals to you in terms of material, style, colour and cost. This guide is the commonest to be employed by newbie in lingerie world.

So how do you begin? Remember, size matters! Know her size. Try to snoop around her drawer and locate the type of item you are looking to buy and identify the size. You may select three pieces and calculate the average. Alternatively, you may choose to ask her girlfriend or better yet the salesgirls at the store who are likely to be helpful.

While rummaging through her private drawer, you may have had the chance to gather what style is she into. Lingerie comes in various styles, if you are into those that may cover just enough and leave the rest to your imagination then go for satin, silk or lace varieties that cover the essentials. There are see-through ones that practically scream “come get me” for those moments that have no time to waste.

The choice of colour is a personal preference but anything that gives a striking contrast is considered hot. You may love red or black and might think that white often gives a mixed message of commitment but really anything that catches the eye is good enough.

Price is another factor. In cost per square inch, lingerie is more expensive than real estate. It might seem extravagant to pay so much for things that are so skimpy but brands and designs are some of the factors that count when it comes to cost of lingerie, so get ready to spend lavishly. Lingerie can be classified as a premium personal gift. It is the gift appropriate only for a woman you plan to get in bed with therefore, you might as well make it worthwhile.

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  1. Thanks for these tips, i most of the times take the help of Sales Girl and they are so kind, your tips will help me to buy.

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