Fashionable Bra And Panties For Modern Women

As science and technology advances, a lot of new inventions are coming up. A lot of research goes on in the fashion world and with newer levels of comfort being set periodically, newer needs arise and hence more changes are made in the lingerie corner.

Older generation were probably more contended with decent coverage and comfort only. The dramatic change in lifestyle and with newer inventions of designs, cuts and types of modern dresses has made almost necessary that matching lingerie be in place. For example, an off shoulder evening gown just cannot be worn with a regular bra with shoulder straps. A strapless bra or pasties have become a necessity in that regard.

A lot has been tried on the traditional bra and panty to give a different look, feel and comfort to the wearers. There are now immense types and varieties of bras for different occasions like party wear, office or daily wear, sportswear or for feeding mothers.

Strapless bras have been further refined with under bust support, back fasteners, backless, pasties and so on. Then there are strapped bras but with criss-cross straps, around the neck types and back crossing straps. As if this wasn’t enough, there are wired and non wired bras, push-up bras, padded and non-padded bra. The sports bras are more supportive with a good front coverage, wider under-bust seam and wider shoulder straps for bearing maximum strain.

Not only the bra, but the straps too come in various colours and of late with the craze of nude lingerie, plastic straps which are essentially transparent are more in fashion. Initially, they were limited to the shoulder support but of late, they are available as the back closure straps. This helps convert the regular bra into one that can be worn under backless dress of any colour.

The panties are no less. The olden grandma type panties are probably the next fashion redefined icon. The initial coverage area gradually reduced from the regular full cover panty to boyshorts, thongs and G-strings. The cyclists revolutionarised further by adding a gel pad that gave them cushion, comfort and seamless experience during the long marathons. Other sportspersons found seamless undies a necessity to avoid the friction and hence cut underwear once again found its way into the market.

The trend has gone from monokini to bikini and trikini. And that’s just the beginning of modern women lingerie.

4 thoughts on “Fashionable Bra And Panties For Modern Women

  1. Change is a dynamic process and changes should be made to stay in the market. This tells us again that customer is the pivotal part of a market. Those companies which are not dynamic won’t succeed as women like to look trendy and that applies to lingerie as well

  2. Ladies could go any length to be comfortable both internally and externally. Though I feel most ladies try to show case of of this trending under wear stylishly in public which is not morally OK.

  3. I discovered this site through Google while trying to buy lingerie online. The articles presented are useful and interesting. There is so much to learn from these articles on lingerie niche.

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