Connection Between Seduction And Underwear

At the mention of the word lingerie, a seductive image conjures up in the mind’s eye. Most people relate underwear directly to the private bedroom scene where it is most commonly used to seduce a partner.

On the contrary, a study has shown that women most commonly buy lingerie out of self love and not to impress a partner although it was also shown that most men considered lingerie as a tool for seduction. A thong bagged the highest votes from younger men as the ultimate wear that invariably calls for some intimate fun. However, despite one third of men knowing the sizes of their partner’s underwear, only few actually bought them.

One would think that the Valentine’s Day may get the largest sales of lingerie but this is not the fact. In fact, very few people ever gift out lingerie to their partners. Although sexy lingerie may definitely be a turn on factor, a majority of women believe that their own bodies, attitude and cosmetic use mainly contributes to the X factor in bedroom and that underwear alone may actually play a minimum role in seduction. It is also noted that although many women possess at least a few sets of lingerie, most are shy to wear them in front of their partners.


Those women with love handles and bulging waist lines need not feel insecure anymore. Plus size lingerie provides the correct solution and races up equal amount of male hormones as it would, seeing a perfect figured woman clad in sexy underwear. Women who aren’t comfortable with going nude in front of their partners yet wishing to evoke seducing vibes do turn to slinky yet comfortable lingerie, which may be stripped off once the lights are turned out.

Interestingly, it is observed that the colour of lingerie actually plays a vital role in seducing a partner. Fiery red lingerie spells out bold, beautiful and daring woman who is in command while a soft pink denotes a shy and subtle woman who may hesitate to take initiation and needs some cajoling. Women wearing white lingerie may be innocent but are willing to explore new areas and are found to be quite obedient while those opting for nude colours are simply relaxed and have nothing to hide. Black however, takes the cake. This evergreen colour symbolises creativity, authority and makes the wearer look slimmer. So, next time you select a piece of lingerie, keep in mind the connection between seduction and underwear.

8 thoughts on “Connection Between Seduction And Underwear

  1. Wonderful topic, lovely. I buy lingeries out of self love rather than seduction, you are right. I love black colours, but not sure it’s seduction related or not.

  2. Having the right underwear is a good way to increase seduction. Many men will be attracted if women know how to choose the right underwear to be used.

  3. I know most women buy their own lingerie but I gave one to my partner which really was too good to leave back in the shop. Lingerie plays a big role in “those matters”

  4. Thanks for the sharing about the choice of colors, i will prefer buying all colors, black, Red, White and pink for my Girl friend, and will experience if the change in color counts.

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