A Guide To Underwear: What Kind of Underwear to Wear

Underwear is perhaps the most popular piece of garment that sits closest to the skin for extended periods of time. It is therefore, of paramount importance to choose the correct one in order to stay comfortable throughout. The fact that it has tons of choices in the market makes it harder to shop for the correct one. Here are few tips that will make shopping of an undergarment (bras and panties) easier.

Be it for daily use or occasional wear, ladies have plenty of panty choices like thongs, boy-shorts, high cut, briefs and a variety of brassieres (halter, convertible, push-ups, strapless) to choose from. However, the most important factor to consider is comfort. Choose a material and style that doesn’t bunch-up, irritate, stick, scratch, ride-up or cause any sort of discomfort.

Always go for the correct size. Undergarments which are too small causes skin irritation/digging and boob slip while bending over. On the other hand, too large a size may offer little or no support, sagging or bunching-up under the clothes. Different brands have different sizes and hence you may fit well in one brand but not in the other. When unsure of the correct size, buy one pair and try at home instead of buying many and wasting money. While most shops do not offer try outs, where possible it is good to try them on your current underpants. Straps adjustments may be necessary when wearing a bra.

There are plenty of materials out there that can entice you but the most comfortable is cotton as it is breathable and sweat-absorber. The ideal choice of material is the one that is soft, smooth and comfortable against the skin. It shouldn’t cause irritation or scratching. Since the ideal time to change your bra is every 3-6 months and underpants every six monthly, the choice of material should be such that it doesn’t shrink or sag after prolong use. Other comfortable materials include Lycra, Polyester, Spandex and blends. Silk and satin look good but needs to be hand-washed.

The selection of cuts and styles should be individually tailored. What’s trendy may not necessarily be comfortable. Those which offer good support, are seamless (for tight pant wearers), avoids pinching and caters for your profession should make an ideal choice.

The general rule for choosing colour is dependent on the clothes that you are going to wear over your underwear. Shear clothes needs subtle colours while bold colours may be worn under solid or similar colour dresses.

The right selection of underwear makes everyday a pleasant one. Make sure you get the right one!

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  1. Comfort is so important, whether its inner wear or outer wear but we can easily change the outer wear but it will take some time to change the inner wear, so comfort is so much important

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